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Custom Fields for Venue/Directory Listings

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We have created a custom field as a pre-defined List of Choices for "Venues" in our events calendar, and I am trying to populate that field to include the Venue name, Venue address, Web site, Phone, etc).

I have over a thousand venues (and the associated information) in a CSV to get uploaded. The Edit Custom Field/Multiple Values CSV form for uploading the custom field names (in this case venue names), and can upload those in a batch, but only the Venue name. Is there any way to batch upload a CSV for the rest of the data behind the Venue name?

Here is an example of my CSV data:

Address: 3rd Street Live,1204 3rd St SE,Cedar Rapids,IA
Venue Name: Abbey Hotel
Venue Address: 1401 Central Ave, Bettendorf, IA
Venue Name: Abbey Station
Venue Address: 3031 5th Ave, Rock Island, IL



Trumba offers Custom Objects (an add-on) that will allow you to accomplish this by creating a Directory Listing. Here are a few help topics that you can review to see if Custom Objects may work for you.





Custom Objects save time, reduce data entry and maintenance, and make it easy for your site visitors to find the information they need. Custom Objects offer the flexibility to publish any content, anywhere on your website.

Searchable directories can be displayed on their own pages and presented in custom views.


Click here to see some client examples using Custom Objects.


Please contact Trumba Sales at sales@corp.trumba.com if you are interested as we can enable this on your account and work with you to get this set up on your account.

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