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How to promote "submitted events" to main calendar?

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We are using the Trumba Event Submission form and we turned on the feature to approve events before they go live.


So suppose we have a "main_calendar" and a "main calendar_submitted" calendar where all the posted events go.


How does I approve and move these events from the "submitted calendar" them to the "main calendar"?


I thought I would try publishing the calendar, I also tried merging the two calendars but it didtnt work as expected (I think).


Please see example: http://dotcomcierge.com/calendar.asp?id=5215


The submitted events still show in red as if they are a different calendar. Is this how it is supposed to look?





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Once you receive an email notification that someone has submitted an event to your "main calendar_submitted", open the event in Trumba and look on the top right side where the "Owning Calendar" information is. There is whhere you can change the calendar to which the event belongs to "main calendar".


I hope this helps.



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