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Adding images to calendars and promotion spuds

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From what I can tell, when adding an image to an event, Trumba doesn't resize the image. What's the maximum size image that's required for the promotional photo spud so that the whole photo is displayed. I found your help page on this http://www.trumba.com/help/store/imagetable.aspx but my photo (170 x 134px) is too big for that spud. If there is a maximum size for that spud, you may want to state what it is on the help page.

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Trumba allows for event image resizing or cropping across supported promotion spuds and calendar views. You will see this for the Photo Upcoming Spud as well as a few of the Calendar Views. You can have the images automatically scale down to a specific width or height that you specify instead of having to resize the image prior to adding them to your events.

For example, if you select Publish>Promotion Spuds tab and then click Edit Settings & Styles for the Promotion Spud you will see these Image Options:


If you change this to “Reduce” and set the width to 100 (Pixels) then all event images will be scaled to this width.


The option to Show image placeholder will automatically add a space (blank image) to the left of the event information. For example, here is promotion spud with no image placeholder and you can see the events with no images stay flush left:


Here is the same promotion spud using an image placeholder and the event are indented:


If you are allowing image submissions using the Event Submission Form, you won’t have to worry about having to manually resize the images for the events as you can control them by the calendar settings and promotion spud settings. Submitters can submit any image size and they will automatically scale to the width or height you specify in your calendar and promotion spuds.


Tip: I like to set the border and background to “ transparent” in case the event image you add is smaller than the preferred size it will prevent a background color from showing through around the edges of the images and look cleaner.

Also, the event image can also appear on the event detail page by default when no default image is added. The Detail Image size is set under the Event Image section under Publish>Calendar Spuds tab>Edit Settings & Styles for the Event Detail. Typically the recommended width is no wider than the width of the main calendar spud.

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