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Linking directly from calendar page to external Web Link

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One thing we've always wanted to do with Trumba and I'm trying to explore if this is possible. When you view a list of Trumba events in whatever format (calendar, list, etc) is it possible to override the default behavior so that when you click on the event name it goes to what's entered under "Web Link" rather than the Trumba information page?


We've found that it creates an unnecessary layer when someone who's interested in an event has to click-through the see the details within Trumba then again to go to an external page.


I think we've managed to put together a bit of a hack that makes it work from a spud where clicking on the event title (because the URL is passed to the browser). But within our main calendar navigation is within the javascript so we can't grab the requests from the browser.




Mark Stewart

University of Washington Alumni Association

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Hi Mark,

There is currently not a setting to allow the event title to be linked to the web link on the page. The only way you can currently do this would be to enter in the Event Title using an anchor tag. For example, if you have an event titled: “Job Resource Clinic”, what you could enter for the Event Title in Trumba would be: <a href="http://www.centerpointseattle.org">Job Resource Clinic</a>


This way the visitor will be taken to http://www.centerpointseattle.org when they click on the event title. If you do set up your events like this, it can be a little tricky to edit them in Trumba, as the event is now a link to a website. To edit these events in Trumba you will have to click the blue drop down arrow next to the event title and then select Edit Event.




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