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Location search (miles versus kilometers)

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We don't use "Miles" here in New Zealand, instead we use Kilometres. Unless you are a Kiwi older than about 40 you wont even know what a Mile is! Could we please have a choice of displaying Miles or Kilometres in the Location Search control spud?

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The Location Search spud lets visitors find events that take place within a specific distance of their current location (detected automatically) or of a geographical location they provide (for example, within 20 kilometers of Auckland, New Zealand or within 10 miles of 1200 5th Avenue, Seattle).



To set the unit of measure (miles versus kilometers):

  1. In the editing environment, make the publication active for which you want to set the unit of measure. Click Publish.
  2. In the Publishing Control Panel, on the Publish Settings tab, click Edit Publish Settings.
  3. In the Publish Settings section of the form, select the unit of measure you want to use.


    Unit of measure settings are reflected in the Location Search spud.

  4. Click OK.

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