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Photos/Images in Promotion Spuds

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I would like to use this spud in a way I haven't found on the forums and I'm looking for help.


I want to display an event image ONLY.

The images would rotate/scroll through a list of events that are part of that particular calendar (i.e. Events Calendar) The images would ages out as the events occur in the past.


If you clicked on a particular image, the link would take you to that specific event.


I'm currently doing this using other means but it is very time consuming & manual process. TRUMBA is so easy to use and I'm trying to enable this feature so my non technical office staff, (REALLY non-technical!!) can simply add an event with a image and then it would presented in this fashion.


Is there a way to get the Photo Events Spud to work like this and only display the image and embedded link to the event?





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We do support an animated promotion spud with images (Event Slider) as well as on the Fader and Vertical Crawler promotion spuds. The Photo Upcoming promotion spud can be used to just display images, however it does not support animation.


Any images that are on an event calendar or promotion spud are not hyperlinked to the event. Sorry I don't even have another workaround for you on this one.


To add images, select your published calendar and click Publish>Promotion Spuds tab and if you are already using these spuds, select Edit Settings & Styles. If you are not yet using them, click Add a Promotion Spud in the upper right corner and select them from the list. On the Settings tab you will see the Image Options section where you can enable images for the top, bottom, left or right and specify the width/height.

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There actually is a way to display only an image that has an embedded link to the event details screen. However, you can't rotate images. If you choose a "list" calendar spud and add featured levels for your events, you can choose "Image is Event Layout" as one of the featured level layouts. That will allow you to add all of your event details like you normally would, but will only display the image on the events calendar page. When you click the image, it will take you to the details screen. I have used this method in the past for displaying banners throughout my events calendar.


Not sure if that will help you, but you could perhaps use this technique for your short term needs.


all the best,


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