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Kevin Blair

Create event in FaceBook FanPage

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I have a couple of FaceBook Fan Pages that I administer. I want to be able to add events to those fan pages from my Trumba events.

When I open the trumba event and select "add to my calendar" I then select the Facebook option.

Unfortunately this option only allows me to place the event within my profile, and not one of my FanPages.

Can I please have some advise on how to achieve this?

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We currently do not have support to add events to a fan/business Facebook page directly. Another option for you is to use a third-party application that can take the RSS feed from your Trumba published calendar. You can find the link for your RSS feed by going to Publish>Feeds tab and you will see links for RSS, XML and iCal. In the third-party readers, these can often times take a feed and populate your Facebook page. One third-party app quite a few of our clients have had success with dlvr.it and twitterfeed.

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