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Steve A

Calendar is wider than the maximum width for my web page's content

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If you want to make the calendar fit into a set space that's narrower than the default calendar width, you can place it into a div of the best width and height for your page, and use the overflow attribute to add scroll bars to the div container. For example,


<div style="width:400px; overflow:auto;"> <script type="text/javascript">

$Trumba.addSpud (

{ webName: "yourcalwebname",

spudType: "spudtype" });



Special case: Multi-day template


The Multi-day template requires a width of nearly 800px and currently behaves a little differently than the others. If your calendar uses this template, and you want it to fit into a narrower space, you need to take the code above one step further.

First, you need to create a div for the dimensions you want the calendar to fill on your page. Then you create a second div to hold the calendar. This is what the code looks like:


<div style="width:400px; overflow:auto;">

<div style="width:800px;>

Spud code



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