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Standard Invitation Registration Form

Steve A

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When you set up an event with registration, you will notice both Standard Invitation and Basic Form by default. When you use the Standard Invitation, use caution when selecting this form as this form DOES NOT send out an event registration confirmation email to the registrant.

The Standard Invitation is used by some users when they do not want a registration confirmation email to be sent to the person after they register for the event. This is by design for that specific registration form. You can either use the Basic Form, which requires the attendee Name and Email Address, or if you have a Trumba Publisher account, you can create custom registration forms and custom registration questions. Editor accounts are not allowed to create registration questions or forms.

NOTE: As of July 1, 2020, with the release of the new Trumba user interface, T2, the Standard Invitation will no longer be available. A publisher account can still create a custom registration form similar to that of the Standard Invitation and when an event is created with event registration, the event creator can uncheck the option to send a registration confirmation email to the registrant.

MORE INFORMATION:  Custom registration forms.

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