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Provide multiple views of your published calendar

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You might already be familiar with the relatively new feature on published calendars that lets visitors change the calendar view; for example, if you publish in Month view, visitors can select a List or Table view.


You can create your own alternate calendar views without having to publish multiple versions of your calendar. To do so, you can use query strings with the base URL of the calendar to control many aspects of the view. You can change the template, the paging and grouping, even the font and color schemes.


For example, the following URL:




Displays the calendar you specify for calendarname in the Month grid template with the Sepia color scheme.


You can read about this in our Help topic about providing multiple published views.


The Help topic currently contains info about using these URLs with standalone calendars that live in the Trumba directory. If you embed your calendar into another website, providing multiple view options is slightly trickier. On the web page that contains your calendar, you could provide links that jump to other pages on your site that contain the calendar in other views. That's probably the best way for now. To create the alternate view, you create the appropriate URL within the script tag that you add for the embedded calendar (the one provided in our Help topic about embedding).


You could also create links that jump out to the standalone calendar in a different view. Trumba development is currently working toward being able to provide multiple views on embedded calendars.


Note that, technically, visitors to your standalone calendar in the Trumba directory can use these same query strings to create their own URLs to change the view of your calendar. It's a feature available to everyone.

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