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Copy multiple events from one calendar to another

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This topic describes how to copy multiple events from one calendar to another in your Trumba account. Reasons you might want to do this are listed at the bottom.


To copy multiple events

  1. Display the calendar to which you want to copy events in the List view.
  2. Mix in the calendars that contain events you want to copy to the displayed calendar.
  3. Select the check boxes for the events you want to copy, and in the drop-down list above the calendar, select Add events to [your calendarname] (where [your calendar name] is the name of the currently displayed calendar that you want to copy the events to).

The events are added to your calendar. The calendar you copied an event from still owns the event, so the event shows in the color of the owning calendar. In addition, if you edit the event in either calendar, the changes appear in both calendars.


Note When you create new events, you can put them on multiple calendars by using the Also shows on setting in the Event form.


Why copy multiple events to one calendar when you can mix in?


Some features apply only to the specified calendar, rather than the calendar and mix-ins. For example, if you use CalendarSync to synchronize a calendar with Outlook, or if you share a calendar with another Trumba user, and that calendar has others mixed into it, only the specified calendar's events appear on the other end. If you want to sync or share the events from the mix-ins, you can create a new calendar that contains events owned by multiple other calendars.

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