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Adding another organization's published calendar

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Hi -

I volunteer for a PTSA (parent volunteer group). We have a published calendar with events for the school & PTSA. The school district has a separate Trumba calendar. I want to mix-in the school district's calendar with the PTSA/school calendar on our PTSA calendar web-site. (I know Trumba account users could mix-in the calendars - but I want to combine it on the PTSA web-site.) I didn't find a solution and downloaded & imported the school district's events. I would prefer to link the "live" calendar - in case there are ever changes to the district calendar (or any other calendar we might want to add-in).


Is there a way to mix-in a public calendar to a published calendar web-site?



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Hi ferg,

Unfortunately there isn't a way to re-publish a calendar you subscribe to, but there are a couple of things you could do.


First, see if the owner of the school calendar will share the calendar with you with View and Republish permission. With this option, you can't edit the calendar, but you can mix it into calendars you publish. This would be the best option.


If they don't want to share the calendar with you, or if they have the free version and sharing isn't available, a more complicated way to do this would be:


1. In your Trumba account, you can subscribe to the school's calendar and mix it into your own, as it sounds like you have.

2. Display your calendar in List view, select all of the school calendar's events, and in the drop-down list at the top of the calendar, select Add to [your calendar name] calendar.

NOTE Alternatively, you can create a new calendar into which you copy the school's events, so you can keep them separated from your PTSA calendar. In the first step above, you'd mix-in and add the events to the calendar you create for holding the school's events.


After you add the school calendar's events to one of your calendars, you can publish them, yet they still stay connected to the school calendar, so they show changes that the owner of the school calendar makes. The one thing to watch out for, though, is that you have to manually add new events to your calendar as they're added to the school calendar. New events won't transfer to your calendar automatically. However, events deleted from the school calendar will also be deleted from the one you publish.


But again, if you can get the owner of the school calendar to share the calendar with you with the permission level I mentioned above, that would be the best way.


Good luck! Let me know if I can clarify anything.


Jill / Trumba UA

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