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Some time periods do not appear on published calendar

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You published a calendar to the Web, but you can't see some time periods. For example, if you use the Classic Month template, some months don't appear.


Explanation and solution

If there aren't any events during the time period, it won't display on the published calendar. To get all time periods to appear, you can create a placeholder event for an empty time period, or a recurring placeholder that appears at the same space in every time period. In the placeholder, you can promote your organization or upcoming events, or include whatever other message you want. Here are some examples:


No games this week, see you next week in Chicago!

Summer Break July 31–Sept. 2. See our fall schedule and sign up for classes at www.worldoflanguage.org.


Other examples could include a quote or word of the week or month, or information about your organization that stays the same in each time period. Whatever you want to do that keeps the time period from being empty.

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