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Can I subscribe to iCal and EVDB calendars?

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You can bring iCal or EVDB calendars into OneCalendar by saving them as .ics files and importing them.


1. Go to an iCal or EVDB calendar share site (I tried icalshare.com and evdb.org).


2. On icalshare.com, find the calendar you want to bring into OneCalendar, and click the Download calendar link to save the calendar as a .ics file.


On evdb.org, find the calendar you want and click the iCal feed button. In the dialog box that appears, click Save to save the calendar as a .ics file.


3. In your OneCalendar account, import the .ics file you saved.


The calendar appears in the Your Calendars list, and you can mix in or add its events to other calendars.



The two sites posted above aren't the only places you can download calendar files; they're just a couple of places where you can find lots of calendars.


I suppose I should point out that Trumba Corp. does not guarantee the accuracy or integrity of the content or format of the .ics files you save from the sites I named above. Depending on the calendar, you might get an error when you try to import it, maybe only some of the events import, maybe events are duplicated, and so on. In these cases, if you're so inclined, you could open the .ics file in text editor to troubleshoot the problem. (Before you open it, you might want to create a backup copy of the original file in case you end up deleting something you didn't mean to.)


For example, I ran into an invalid iCalendar content line error when I tried to import a .ics file I saved from one of the sites referenced above. In Notepad, the offending text appeared as the symbol that indicates it's not a text character (a rectangle outline). When I removed the instances of that symbol that appeared in the event description, I could import the file into OneCalendar. But be somewhat mindful about what you delete. I don't know if removing the character will always be the solution to this error, or if removing that character from other sections of the file will cause other problems. That's why you want to create the backup of the file before you go messing with it. :)


For more info, see Troubleshooting common import issues. If you are having trouble finding something in the .ics file that might cause a problem, or if, when you open the file in a text editor, your first reaction is, "What the ****?" let us know and we'll try to help.


Note If you want to go the other way and put OneCalendar events on an iCal calendar, see Synchronize with iCal calendars.

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