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Just email the calendar when a change is made?

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I've been very busy evaluating the calendar and I think it's an awesome product. I've also been very pleased with your quick responses to all of my questions and issues so far.


I've quite close to convincing "the committee" that this is the route to go. Then I have to work on the church administrator...



I have set up a "social justice alerts" calendar in addition to the regular church calendar. The SJA calendar is published with the news template, and looks great embedded in the page. (www.concorduu.org/social_justice2.htm) I would like people to be able to subscribe themselves to the calendar, which seems to mean that I have to set up an email schedule. However, I don't want to send out the calendar on any particular schedule. I just want emails to go out when when I update the calendar (or publish it, or some other trigger that says "I've added a new alert and I want people to know about it.")




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Hi Lorraine,

Thanks for letting us know that you like Trumba so far. We appreciate you being active in the forums, too. :) As you discovered, there isn't a way to let people subscribe to your email list unless you have an email schedule. The best option I can think of is to set up the most infrequent schedule (monthly), but still send one-time emails when you want to update people. It's not ideal, but the only other thing I can think of involves adding a blurb to the web page that tells people how to contact you if they want to receive the calendar email. It would all have to be done manually (for every request, someone would have to go into Trumba and add the addresses to the distribution list).


I'm sorry there's no way to do this without setting up a scheduled message. I'll add your comments to our feature request list. I logged a similar request last week, and I think quite a few people would like this.


Jill / Trumba UA

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