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I am becomming more and more convinced that Trumba is going to be what we want to use for our Convention and Visitors Bureau, but we are in a time crunch and I would like to either go to a class on Trumba, or even pay to have someone walk me through all the details. When I read through the forum, I realize that there are ways to do things, and then there are "better" ways to do them. I can see that you have great online support, but sometimes it is better not to have to use too much "trial and error". Are there any gurus out there that can walk me through the set-up?

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At this time, we don't offer any type of Trumba class or formalized training. However, we offer consulting over the phone for an hourly fee by the hour. If you are interested in this option, please contact us by emailing Support at support@corp.trumba.com

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