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Export an invitation using IE and Excel

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You want to export the list of people who signed up to attend an event you're sponsoring.



While there isn't a straightforward way to export an invitation list yet that works in all browsers, you can export an invitation list if you use Internet Explorer and Microsoft Excel. I'm sorry to say that I don't know all of the IE and Excel versions this would work with, but it definitely works with IE version 6 and Excel 2003.


Note that in an invitation list in Trumba Calendar, people who have responded will often be listed by name rather than email address. For example, if people who respond have Trumba accounts, their names will automatically appear in the invitation list. When you export the list, you'll see names in these cases rather than email addresses in the Excel data file.


1. In Trumba Calendar, display the calendar that contains the event with the invitation list that you want to export.

2. Click down arrow next to the relevant event, and then click Event Invitation.

NOTE You must use the down arrow to access the Event Invitation form for this process to work.

3. Right-click the invitation list, and then click Export to Microsoft Excel.

4. Microsoft Excel opens. You see a message that the Web query returned no data. Read the rest of that message carefully. It tells you how to get Excel to respond to the query.

5. In Excel, if you follow the instructions in the message about clicking the name of the external data range and then clicking Edit Query on the External Data toolbar, a window opens where you'll see either the Event Invitation form, or you'll be asked to sign in to Trumba. (You may also get a message about the page containing both secure and non-secure items. Just click Yes.) If you're asked to sign in, type your Trumba email address and password, and click Sign In.

NOTE You may have click a couple of times in the Email Address box before you can start typing.

6. You'll see the Event Invitation form. Click the yellow arrow at the upper left corner of the invitation list to select it (the yellow arrow changes to a green check mark). Click Import at the bottom of the window.

7. The window closes and data from the invitation list appears in the Excel spreadsheet.

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