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Ahmed Ismail

Trumba for TypePad

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I am very impressed with the Trumba calendar system and especially its ease of use for a non-HTML person.


I have activated the TypePad interface in the "publishing" mode of your calendar program. My only desire at this point is to be able to expand the number of items that show on the main screen from the three that the Trumba/TypePad interface seems to have embedded.


Is there a way to modify this?


Is there a way to modify the type font and size so that it matches the template design I have chosen in TypePad?


Please advise.


Thank you.

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Hi Ahmed,


Thanks for your kind words.


If you add our Upcoming Events spud by clicking the Add to Typepad or Install on Typepad buttons, you can't actually customize it to change the number of events that display (it will be three by default).


The current font type and size are determined by the template and font scheme that you select in Step 1 when you are publishing a Trumba calendar. So, sorry you can't currently change the font type and size.


If you are feeling adventurous and it's very important to you to be able to display more events, I believe it might be possible to add a Notes section to your sidebar in Typepad and paste the java script text for our Upcoming Events spud in the Notes field. In the javascript, you could change the number of events that display. However, I'm not an expert in Typepad so I'll need to do more research to figure out exactly how you could do this. Let me know if you're interested in this and I'll look into it.




Nancy / Trumba Support

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