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Kevin Blair

New Spuds and date format?

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Hi guys


I've been reviewing the posts on the new spuds, and some excellent examples already out there.


But I cant use many of the list views. They dont work.




The date format is back to front for me and half the western world ;)


Please treat this as a priority. Even if you change all the formats to Jul 05 2006.


I have wanted to use many of the views available, but am basically limited to the 5 week or month views.


Are there any other non US users out there experiencing this issue too?





(PS - Love Trumba :D... but fix the dates ;) )

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Hello Kevin,


You're not alone :D


I use Trumba anyway, because it's great. But I don't know how the users of our website feel about it. If I have too much bad feedbacks, I will perhaps have to go back to the classic, static calendar we had before. ;)


Cheers to all,



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Hi Kevin and Celine,

Thanks for noticing this and reporting it here. Kevin, I want to make sure that your issue is a result of the new spuds or from the new paging/grouping settings (in step 3 of the publishing wizard). Did you notice it specifically after you edited your HOSTS file to turn on the new spuds, so if you turn them off or view your calendar from another computer (with the same paging and grouping settings you're seeing with the new spuds), the date formats look the way that worked ok?


Let me know what you find or if my question doesn't make sense.


Jill / Trumba UA

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