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keeping calendar on web page not on trumba site

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Update: Before I received a reply, I finally figured out the problem..When I changed the Teaser Base I left in /springcypressflute circle....which is not part of the web page name...So, now, calendar works like a charm..I stay on the website...


have the calendar showing on my website...However, when you click to see the next month it takes you to the Trumba site..I would like to view all calendars and information on my website...Don't want guest to be directed to the Trumba site, and than have to hit back button to return to web page...



var trumba_teaserBase = "http://www.springcypressflutecircle.com/calendar.htm/springcypressflutecircle";


Actually, I went back into my web page and where I saw Teaser...I replaced the URL


Originally said:

var trumba_teaserBase = "http://www.trumba.com/calendars/springcypressflutecircle";


Changed to:

var trumba_teaserBase = "http://www.springcypressflutecircle.com/calendar/springcypressflutecircle



Now when I hit the arrow to proceed to the next month it takes me to a page the same scheme as my site, so it looks like I'm still on my webpage, but I get an error message:



We're sorry, this area of our website is either missing or under construction. [Home]


When I hit home to go back to the calendar ,I get the same error message as above so instead I hit the back arrow until it takes me back to my page and it eventually returns me to the calendar page and at this time, the crawler and the upcoming events are gone...When I first get the error, if I don't hit home but automatically, hit the back arrow, I end up at the original calendar page and all is intact...


***I did change also


in the original teaser is said /calendars I changed it to say /calendar.htm


since the actual name of the calendar page on the website is calendar not calendars..... ...Is that correct or not...didn't seem to make a difference at this point but figured it should exactly match the name of the page.


I'm a novice at this...this is my first website to build...Can you tell me what I've done wrong here..

1) I embedded file; 2) changed teaser...Is there a step missing.


Thanks for your help.


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Hi fluteski. Thanks for posting to the forums.


Congratulations on solving your own problem and thanks for letting us know you did.



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