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Query a published calendar - give us feedback

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Hello helpful Trumba customers.


We have a neat feature that you might want to know about and tell your calendar visitors about that lets people stay informed about your events without having to visit your calendar/website.


You can send email messages to your published calendar that include time period commands. You'll receive a reply that includes a list of upcoming (or past) events for the specific time period.


To learn more about querying a calendar, see Overview: Query a published calendar. Also, take a look at the Help topic we've written for your calendar visitors that explains how they can send email messages to your published calendar: Ask a calendar to send you events. This second topic also contains a list of the valid time period commands.


Right now, the events the person who queries a calendar gets back depend upon the calendars you mixed together in the email publishing process (not the same as the process for publishing a calendar to the Web). You email publish a calendar by clicking Email above the calendar. You email publish when you want to send a one-time or scheduled calendar email message to a distribution list informing the people on the list about upcoming events. For more information, see Send calendars by email.


Another way of describing the situation is that the list of events people get back in response to email queries ignores the calendars you mixed in in step 3 of the Web publishing process (see Mix other calendars into your published calendar). To make sure that people who query your calendar see all the same events that appear in your Web published calendar, you'd have to make sure the email publishing mixins match the Web publishing mixins. There is information in the help topic mentioned above about how to set up email publishing mixins without actually doing an email publish.


So here's our question. Should events received in response to an email query be tied to the email publishing mixins or should we just tie them to the Web publishing mixins?


Of course, other suggestions are also welcome.

Thanks very much.


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