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Limited the crawler spud to one calendar

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Hi Kyle,

You can do this, but it's slightly tricky. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Publish the calendar with the two mix-ins. So this one has all events, and you embed the main calendar for this calendar combo into your site.
  2. Publish separately the calendars you want to appear in the crawler.
    Because you can't publish your main calendar twice, you could do this by publishing the calendar that is a mix-in in the first combo, and mixing in the main calendar (the one you published first). I hope that makes some sense so far.
  3. Embed the crawler for the second combo, but change the teaser base to the URL for the page in which you embedded the main calendar from the first combo.
    Because the first combo contains the same events as the second combo, you can click an event in the crawler to jump to that other combo.

Here are a couple of other topics/posts that deal with this. Not your question exactly, but the solution is the same:

Topic about having upcoming spud show one combo, jumping to full calendar of different combo

Topic about embedding two crawlers on a page


Good luck!


Jill / Trumba UA

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Thanks for the question and these suggestsions - following the first post link in your message, I used the eventual solution suggested by the questioner.


Our situation was similar, with 3 calendars in all: we're a volunteer organization of parents, and needed to coordinate our school program's specific events, the main school district calendar, and a US holidays calendar.


Your import function worked very nicely - I used source from Mozilla's iCal/vCal list.


I embedded the coming events spud (linked only to our program's specific events, with no mix-ins) in the persistent sidebar for the site, and embedded the 5-week view in our "calendar" page.


All of this played nicely with WordPress templates and pages, which I installed as a light-weight CMS for our site.

  1. create a top-level calendar for the upcoming events (program-specific events only, no mix-in), and publish. embed with events spud.
  2. create a top-level calendar for the School District's district-wide dates and events. Create a sub-calendar for US holidays, mix-in with the District calendar. Mix in the program-specific calendar. Publish. Embed using calendar spud.

Can be seen at the home page for the North Kitsap Options Program.


thanks again to Trumba for providing a great technology - I'll provide more feedback once the school year has started and our organization has had an opportunity to test out the grouped email reminders.


Paul Mc.


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Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for sharing your solution and link to your awesome looking site! Good luck with the group email reminder testing. I hope you can get some good work with it particularly while it's still in beta. Keep us posted!


Jill / Trumba UA

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