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Trumba Resizing iFrame

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I've incorporated a published calendar into a web site using iFrames. You can see it here: http://www.bereanchurch.com/main/calendar.html. The problem is that, recently (within the past 2 weeks), Trumba seems to have made a change that blows-out the constraints of the iFrame. The original iFrame was contained within the 760px x 460px table - displaying a vertical scrollbar - and the look of the site was not altered. I wish I had a screenshot of the original, but you can see a similar idea displayed in this page: http://www.bereanchurch.com/main/sermons.html.


Any idea what happened with the Trumba API so that my iFrame resizes? The change seems to correspond with the new "Loading..." message that displays when the frame is first displayed. I'd like to get my original look-n-feel back.



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For what its worth, I solved this by embedding Trumba's iFrame inside my own "container" iFrame. My container ensures that Trumba behaves and doesn't resize outside set height and width boundaries. My calendar page (http://www.bereanchurch.com/main/calendar.html) is back to normal.


If Trumba Support has a cleaner recommendation, please let me know.

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Hi jzempel,

I'm sorry that you got this unexpected change in behavior. We did significantly upgrade the spuds recently, and we tried to notify everyone in email (and had beta spud testing rounds here on the forums). I'm sorry we didn't catch you!


Our new spuds use iframes automatically, so you don't need to use them at all. However, if you do need to fit the spud into a narrower space, you could try placing it inside a div for which you specify the width. Kind of like this:


<div style="width:400px;">

spud code



I hope this helps!


Jill / Trumba UA

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