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  1. Thank you very for your incredibly quick support! I tried your suggestions and made small modifications to the events.htm code. We are definitely getting there. My only issue, though pretty small, is that now the regular calendar gets cut off at the bottom of the events.htm frame. I assume this is a simple fix, but I couldn't quite figure it out.
  2. I'm using Trumba for the first time. Everything is very easy to use, but I am running into some publishing issues. The problem in question here is the Events section (the Upcoming events spud works perfectly). When I use Firefox: I click Events, but only the Events header shows up, and not the calendar. When I reload/refresh/F5 the page, the calendar then shows like I want it to. Is there a way around this refresh method? When I use IE: I load Events, and the calendar completely takes over the iFrame. My Events header goes away, and only the calendar is there. Now if I press Events again, another calendar opens below it, and so on and so forth. How can I make it consistent and working across both browsers?
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