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  1. I've been having a problem with an event that is happening over a two month time period displaying properly in the Upcoming Fader promotion spud. I want the event to just display one time because there are other events that also need to cycle through. I want them to display one at a time in the spud. However, because I have the event dates set as January 5-February 18, it wants to display the event for each day of the set including dates that have already passed. This then looks like the same event is running over and over and takes forever for the other events to display. If I change the settings to NOT include events from the past, then the event doesn't display at all even though it's dates run into the future. I have the spud settings set to Start Date: Current Day and End Date: Current Day. I thought this would fix it to only recognized the event for a single day which would then only have it display once in a cycle. However, it is still reverting back to January 15 and running each day in a cycle. Does this make sense? How do I set this spud so that it only pulls the current days events and cycles those?
  2. I am using a custom event type and have added three additional custom fields. The Description field was already included. My problem is that when viewing the event details, I realize that the full Description field is not displaying. I have tried to find the place to increase the Max Length of this field, but cannot find it... any assistance is appreciated.
  3. I use an Upcoming Grouped promotion spud on the home page of our site. It is set to display 5 events starting with current day + 180 days. My question is the spud is displaying, but the events are not in descending order by date, they are just all jumbled up. Am I missing something?
  4. I'm having trouble changing my default calendar view. I have the main calendar embedded in my website. I have changed all the Calendar Settings I can think of and even deleted the customization and old view that I have been using. When I click Preview within the settings - the event display correctly. But when I visit my site - opening in a new window, refreshing, etc... it still defaults to the old view. If you could offer any assistance it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have tried three times today to import events and have had no luck. I get the screen where you can upload the file, I browse to Find it, then click on Next... I then select to add these events to my main calendar instead of creating a new calendar or a subcalendar. I click Next. So far so good, but instead of sending me to the screen to Map the fields, I am sent back to the screen where you upload the file. I haven't changed anything about the format I have been using to upload events and have always used an .XLS spreadsheet... Any thoughts? Thanks for your help!
  6. Would it be possible to request that the "Prev" "Next" option buttons be placed not only at the top of the event calendar spud, but also at the bottom? I've had reports of individuals scrolling to the bottom and not liking the inconvenience to have to go back to the top of the calendar to see the next set of data.
  7. I have a filter for location on my calendar page and have noticed that when I edit the location field in an event, when I refresh my events page/calendar, the filter still lists the old location. For example, I originally had an event listed as "childrens' department at all locations." So it was too long for the filter box size I need so I went into the event info in my trumba account, and shortened the location to simply "Childrens' department." Well, my filter still shows "childrens' department at all locations" even after refreshing and trying to open the page in a new window... Do the filters update on a scheduled basis and just have not had the chance - or am I missing something?
  8. I have been working on adding the Upcoming Events promotion spud to my home page and I have added the transparency option and taken out the header and border. But I wanted to keep the footer for the "See all" option. When I do this, the footer is not transparent and takes on the standard white background. How can I also make this transparent?
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