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  1. Yes, all promotion spuds can be customized with font properties as well as numerous other CSS settings and styles.
  2. Issue If you embed a Trumba Promotion spud onto a page on your web site, when you click an event in the promotion spud, it opens your standalone calendar on the Trumba Hosted site at www.trumba.com. Instead, you want it to jump to the embedded calendar on your web site. Solution You can change the teaserBase URL in the code for the promotion spud. Your code may look similar to this: <script type="text/javascript" src="//www.trumba.com/scripts/spuds.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $Trumba.addSpud({ webName: "calendarname", spudType : "datefinder" , teaserBase : "https://www.trumba.com/calendars/calendarname" }); </script> where calendarname is the web name of your published calendar. Change the URL of the teaserBase to point to the webpage on your website where you have embedded the main calendar spud. Here is a help topic with more details: https://www.trumba.com/help/publish/spudfaq.aspx#tbase
  3. When you publish a calendar, on the Publishing Control panel you will want to select the Control Spuds tab and then select Add a control spud in the upper right corner. From here, locate the Timezone Picker. You will want to click on the image thumbnail and click OK. The next screen will allow you to customize the text, font and color. Once you have completed setting this up, click OK to save the Control Spud. You will now see the code appear that you can then copy and embed on your calendar page. We recommend you embed this code directly above the main calendar spud on your page as you want your site visitor to first select their time zone to allow the calendar to reflect the events in the time zone that the site visitor selected. MORE INFORMATION: https://www.trumba.com/help/timezoneswork.aspx SET TIME ZONE: https://www.trumba.com/help/timezones.aspx ADD TIME ZONES TO EVENTS: https://www.trumba.com/help/timezones_events.aspx
  4. If the event has been set up with Event Registration, you will have the ability to set up both a 1st and 2nd reminder that will be sent out to registrants where you can set the hours/days/weeks prior to the event in which you want the reminders sent.
  5. You can subscribe to a password-protected calendar from iCal, but to do so, you need to enter the Trumba sign-in name and password of the person who published the calendar. Probably not exactly what you want to do! The same applies to Sunbird and similar programs, and I think you'll run into it trying to subscribe via RSS or ATOM (which we're making available this week). The other programs ask for a log in name and password and the Trumba calendar just wants the password part.
  6. The default size of any calendar spud is usually the width you have set for the container you embed it in, such as a DIV tag or Table. You can control the width of a spud by putting it in a table cell with a specified width. However, the calendars do have minimum width requirements. You typically want to have at least 450-500px reserved for a width to properly display the calendar.
  7. It sounds like you might just need to mix in those sub-calendars with the top level, published calendar. 1. Display the calendar you published, click Publish or Publish Settings and on the Publishing Control Panel select Edit Publish Settings. 2. In the Mix-In section, tick the checkboxes next to each of the sub-calendars that you want to mix in and then click OK to save your changes.
  8. In the RSS Feed Settings, you can set your Publish Date Source to one of the following: No Publish Date Event Start Date Event Change Date Here is a help topic with more details on how to customize your calendar feeds: https://www.trumba.com/help/api/customfeeds.aspx
  9. There are limitations to the ways you edit recurring events. Changing the day of the week on which a weekly event occurs counts as changing the recurrence pattern, which currently we aren't able to do. To do this, you would have to delete the series and enter a new event on the new day. As for publishing, once you add events or make a change to your existing events, you do not have to republish the events as they are updated automatically for you on your site. There is often a 10-minute browser cache or delay.
  10. Yes, you would start with one Publisher account at $99.95 per month. The Publisher account is where you would create the calendars, the templates and custom fields and is also the account where you publish and customize the calendars. You can then add on additional editor accounts as you need them. We can set up the 3 editor accounts for you. People editing calendars would each have his/her own Editor account at $30 per month, however you will still need at least one publisher account at $99.95 per month. The registrar can maintain both the Faculty /Staff calendar and the Parents/Students calendars. The calendars can be password protected. Events from all calendars can be flagged to Also Shows On one or more other calendars so you do not have to create duplicate events. For the Principals Office calendar, this account can be shared with an editor and it can be password protected and it can be the only calendar this editor account can access. For the Room scheduling calendar, you will be able to share this calendar over with the Faculty/Staff editor account so they can view events. Because each of these are separate Trumba accounts, with a unique login, only the people signing in to the account see the calendar.
  11. The easiest way is to embed the calendar into a table or DIV tag for which you can define a specific width. Trumba spuds do not have a width or height setting.
  12. What you will want to do is hyperlink the email address using the mailto link. In the Description field, select the email address you have typed and then select the Insert Link icon on the HTML toolbar. Now type: mailto: first.last@yipee.com and click OK.
  13. If you know that email address that is associated with that organizations Trumba account, you can share one or more calendars with that account with Sharing rights and vice versa, if you want them to share one or more calendars with you. https://www.trumba.com/help/share/shareoverview.aspx
  14. The process is the same for both public and password protected calendars. You can embed the Trumba spud code onto your site and when a site visitor accesses the page, they will be prompted to enter in the password to view the content. MORE INFORMATION: https://www.trumba.com/help/pubsearch.aspx#password
  15. Issue You entered a recurring event with no end date, and then things changed. Now you need to impose an end date (or make the end date earlier than the original one you set), deleting events in the series that occur after that date, without affecting the events that occur before that date. Solution Set a new end date. Display the calendar and open the recurring event for editing. In the event form, if no end date is set, under Repeats, click the No End Date check box to clear it. When the display refreshes, select a new end date. For Change, select This and future events in the repeating pattern, and then click OK.
  16. Issue When you want to send a one-time email, there's no way to specify what calendars to mix-in with the one you're sending. Solution The first time you want to specify mix-ins for calendar email, you need to go through the Email Publishing Wizard as if you want to send a regularly scheduled email. Display the appropriate calendar and click Email, and then click Set up Scheduled Email. Create your distribution list, click Next, and in step 2, under What other calendars' events should we mix-in?, select the calendars you want to mix in. Toward the top of that same page, check Send the first email as soon as I finish. Complete the wizard steps and click Finish. If you don't want to send a regularly scheduled email, open the wizard again and delete the schedule. The next time you use the wizard to send a one-time email, the same mix-ins you specified for the scheduled email will be included in the one-time email.
  17. We get lots of comments and feedback from Web developers integrating Trumba calendars into client sites, and we'd love to hear from more of you. We hope you'll be willing to exchange tips & tricks with us as well as some issues you're encountering trying to use Trumba. So we've created this forum with the intention of building up a valuable resource for everyone. Generally: • If you have questions/tips about embedding calendars, controlling Trumba calendar displays through URLs, using the Event Actions API, and other techie stuff, please post here. • If you have a question about how to use a feature that is part of the Trumba Calendar user interface, please post in the support forums above. If you're not sure, just post or email support@corp.trumba.com.
  18. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if Trumba would be the right thing in your situation. If you want everyone to have edit access, everyone would need his/her own account. Technically, you can have multiple people signing in to the same account, but with that many people, it would probably become bothersome pretty quickly. Also, yes, to update your calendar properly and to be able to display it in the web site/page in which you embed it, you would have to be able to exchange info regularly between your site and users and the Trumba server. Finally, currently, our licensing is single-user based.
  19. Navigation/paging buttons or images can be set to appear at the top and/or bottom of most of the calendar views. When you edit the settings for each of your calendar views, locate the PAGING BUTTONS section and set these to Yes or No: Several calendar views have settings to sort by Ascending or Descending order, like the News calendar view.
  20. Yes, you can edit that event and change the date. You can also change the time for this one meeting. Once you make this change, at the very bottom of the screen select the radio button for Change, click Only this event. Then click OK.
  21. You can do this by setting up a distribution list for your calendar and sending email manually when you make a change to your calendar. Or, if you set up regularly scheduled email, you can choose to have email sent any time there's a change to your calendar. If you make changes to your calendar multiple times during the day, though, you'd want to be careful with the automatic updates, because you probably don't want to be triggering calendar emails to people several times/day. You might want to just do it manually at the end of the day, for example, or when you make a change you know you want people to know about immediately. For info about setting up scheduled email and sending updates manually, you can start here: Send calendars by email
  22. The event data that populate Trumba widgets is stored on the Trumba server, which is how it can stay connected to your account and display changes you make. However, if we have to do some necessary system maintenance and you can't access your account, published calendars are not affected by this. The calendar would still appear on your site (unless of course there were some unforseen issue, which may or may not be on our end to deal with). We take extensive measures to prevent down time, as you can read about in our Terms of Use.
  23. Hi dsfs, No, both appointments show in the same time block. You can read more here: Organize multiple calendars Create calendars and subcalendars Jill / Trumba UA
  24. Hi dsfs, You can create a separate calendar for each person and view each separately as well as mix them together to see everyone's schedule in one view. If you haven't signed up for a free trial yet, you might want to do so to experiment with this. You have no obligation to buy, and you can close the account at any time. If you want to let others view the schedules, you can publish the calendars with a password, and anyone who has the password can view them. You can publish one at a time or all of them mixed together (or both). The point with this is that the people viewing don't have to have their own Trumba account to view the calendar. Another alternative is to have all four of you to sign in to the same account, but in that case everyone signing in would have full access to everything. I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have other questions. Jill / Trumba User Assistance
  25. We currently do not have a 5 Day view. As you discovered, the Week and 3 Day views are the closest.
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