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  1. I'm importing lists of athletic events for a school calendar. I want the events to be listed on the Athletics calendar but also show on calendars for individual sports. (That way we can publish a calendar for all the sports and also have web-links to pages for individual sports.) How can I import the data and designate that it should appear on more than one calendar? (I don't want to have to go to each event in the calendar and edit the "Also Shows On..." calendar option. I tried exporting an event with the Also Shows On function used and there didn't seem to be a field listed that I could use in my Excel spreadsheet.
  2. I set up calendars that include school sports. Most of the events are located at various schools in our district. It would be wonderful if there was a drop down pick list for location that I could select from and easily enter the address & maplink. Perhaps the user could have the option of creating a location directory (kind of like an address book) to choose from maybe 10-20 addresses.
  3. Have you considered a function to allow users to search different fields for events?
  4. I was reading a help file on the event registration feature. Do you have any plans on expanding that to payments? (I have created calendars for a couple schools/PTSAs and that would be wonderful - to have people see the event information and pay the fee.)
  5. I volunteer for a PTSA (parent volunteer group). We have a published calendar with events for the school & PTSA. The school district has a separate Trumba calendar. I want to mix-in the school district's calendar with the PTSA/school calendar on our PTSA calendar web-site. (I know Trumba account users could mix-in the calendars - but I want to combine it on the PTSA web-site.) I didn't find a solution and downloaded & imported the school district's events. I would prefer to link the "live" calendar - in case there are ever changes to the district calendar (or any other calendar we might want to add-in). Is there a way to mix-in a public calendar to a published calendar web-site?
  6. Our webmaster has embedded a published calendar on our organization's website. Is there an easy way to increase the width of the embedded calendar?
  7. When I include an Email in the event Description field, the hyperlink will not work correctly for email addresses with a period. For example, for the email address first.last@yipee.com will appear as first.last@yipee.com Thus, a person clicking on the hyperlink will be sending to an incorrect e-mail address (last@yipee.com).
  8. I have published a calendar using the List calendar view. In preview, it will show the picture of the April calendar and will have links for May & June below. However, the links for future months are missing on the published page. Any thoughts?
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