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  1. I'm setting up a custom event registration form and it seem like the questions "Name" and "Email Address" are automatically part of the registration form....is that correct? I'm asking because I do not want my registered attendees to provide an email address, but it doesn't seem like that possible. Am I doing something wrong in that I can't get rid of the email address field...or the "name" field for that matter?
  2. Question about paid event registration. Is it possible to set up an event where "members" are free but "non-members" have to pay? I think I could probably set up two events for the same event, one for members where I specify their email addresses (invitation only) and another for non-members that I make open to the public, but that might get confusing and there's the potential for members to sign up non-members. Thanks, Matt
  3. I second this request. I too would love the option of choosing which fields display on the event details page, mainly because a lot of the time the Summary and Description fields tend to be pretty similar and displaying both is repetitive. I tend to think that the Summary field will display in the main calendar page (due to space reasons) and then when the visitor clicks the link to go to the event details page then the Description field could be displayed (and the Summary field hidden...if given the choice).
  4. What's the maximum size image that's required for the promotional photo spud so that the whole photo is displayed. I found your help page on this https://www.trumba.com/help/store/imagetable.aspx but my photo (170 x 134px) is too big for that spud. If there is a maximum size for that spud, you may want to state what it is on the help page.
  5. Is it possible to remove the "date" field from an event when embedding it in a website? Specifically I'm trying to publish a new calendar where I'm really posting a "news" item rather than an event item. The date would be more of a "display until" date more than anything. This would further help me in not having to actually do html in the website.
  6. It use to be that when I sent an email, the color of the calendar items were the same color as the color I assigned to that calendar (from going to "My Calendars" on the left and selecting the down arrow and choosing the color). However, now the calendar items are just plain white for a single calendar, or white and blue/white & yellow for a two calendar email. Is there a setting somewhat that I might of missed or changed by accident?
  7. Yes, I mean that the browser allows cookies. I'm limited with what browers I can use at work, so sage doesn't work for me. I'm not stuck with newsgator, but i do want a web-based reader (preferably free). Newsgator allows for me to send a username/password when setting up a restricted RSS feed, but I guess Trumba doesn't support that. Also, I've seen where other web-based readers can read restricted RSS feeds where the username/password is part of the RSS url (http://username:password@www.website.com/feed.rss). Another thing that you might want to pass by your developer is that several on-line RSS readers have an option for the user to include a username/password when adding feeds, so far I've seen that newsgator and attensa have this feature. I don't know if this is better security/encryption wise that including the username/password in the URL, but it also seems to be something that the RSS feed has to allow.
  8. I've created a web name for my calendar and even published it but protected it with a password, but I can't seem to access it through a couple of RSS readers. I've tried Google reader and newgator online. Both of these add the feed, but I then get the following: "This calendar is password-protected.Your news aggregator does not appear to support cookies, so the feed cannot be read." I can't find where to enter passwords on Google, so no surprise there, but newgator allows passwords, and it's web-based (and I allow cookies) and I've tried everyway possible, but I can't seem to make it work. Anybody have any luck with these or does anyone know another good online news reader where this will work?
  9. When I send an email with calendar events each week, selecting any of the links in the email message takes the user to the published version of the calendar on the Trumba website. Is there a way that the links can instead direct the user to the webpage where the calendar is embedded? I've said this before, and I'll say it again...I really really like this product you folks provide!
  10. Just wondering if it's possible to add an image/graphic in the message sent with an email?
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