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  1. Do you have this situation come up often? If so, one possible solution is to change your calendar structure a bit. Instead of mixing in all of the 10 school-specific calendars into the district calendar, try this when you're setting up events and do not have that calendar mix-in to your District calendar. If an event on a school calendar should also show on the district calendar, click the "Also shows on" box next to District Calendar. If it should not show on the district calendar, don't click that box. If you have a lot of events and few of them fall into this category, it
  2. Boy, that's mean and of questionable ethics, but I don't think there's a way to do it at the software level. I think the only way you could do it is if your site were hosted on your own network. Then your administrator could set some address blocking at the router level, but it wouldn't be very effective. The thief would just have to change computers and would be right back at it. What about copyrighting your material? Then at least you'd have some basis upon which to bring legal action. Depending on the sophistication of your competitor, sometimes all it takes is a letter written in
  3. If you accidentally delete events on a calendar, contact support@corp.trumba.com and they may be able to restore these for you, otherwise you will have to manually re-enter the events.
  4. Is there a way to prevent hyperlinks in either the Description or the Web link field from opening a new window? I'd like to be able to send visitors to another page in my website, and there's no need to open a new window for that.
  5. You may be able to get away with posting "no time" if you check the "all day event" box. I haven't looked at it's effect in all templates, but in the standard "month" calendar, it just shows as an event with no time. It doesn't say "all day" anywhere.
  6. We need to be able to keep track of two kinds of events in the church: (1) Public events that will be advertised on the website through a calendar spud and (2) Private events such as rentals that will not be advertised on the website. I've set up a system where I've got a top level "container" calendar that has all of the public events divided up into sub calendars, like worship, religious education, committee meetings, etc. I've mixed these into the top level calendar and added spuds for that calendar to the site. It's all good. I've set up another top-level container cale
  7. Hit the publish button for your calendar, and select the Publish Settings tab and then select Edit Publish Settings. Under the SEARCH section, change this from Yes to No and click OK. This will prevent search engines from indexing your calendar page of events.
  8. Cool. Thanks John for posting that explanation. I'd said earlier I haven't graduated to CSS layout yet, but seeing the code for your page design makes me a little braver about trying it sometime soon. Lorraine
  9. The first thing I thought of is that you may have copied and pasted your description from another source. Sometimes when you do that, the text contains returns that aren't obvious in it's original setting. This may have been responsible for your short lines. When I have to copy and paste something into a web-bound document, I often paste the text first into Notepad. This makes the "hidden" returns obvious so that I can fix them before copying and pasting back into the html document. (It also clears all the formatting so I have virgin text for my new document, and no formatting hassles.)
  10. I build my sites with tables (haven't graduated to CSS layout yet) and found that all of the spuds will adjust themselves automatically to the size (width) of the cell they are placed in. Easy!
  11. I love the News calendar template and can think of lots of great ways to use it, but it occurs to me that we could use a New promotion spud too. It would be like the "upcoming events" widget, only instead of displaying x number of future events, it would display x number of past events. I have a calendar called Social Justice Alerts, which I've formatted as news. The Social Justice Committee chair can post things whenever she wants and the page on our website will update immediately. She'll use today's date when she posts them. On the front page, I want to have an index of the social
  12. I've been very busy evaluating the calendar and I think it's an awesome product. I've also been very pleased with your quick responses to all of my questions and issues so far. I have set up a "social justice alerts" calendar in addition to the regular church calendar. The SJA calendar is published with the news template, and looks great embedded in the page. I would like people to be able to subscribe themselves to the calendar, which seems to mean that I have to set up an email schedule. However, I don't want to send out the calendar on any particular schedule. I just want emails to go
  13. I'd like to put an upcoming events promotion spud on one page with upcoming events from just one sub calendar. When the user clicks on "view all" I want them to go to a calendar spud for the main calendar, with all of the sub-calendars mixed in. What do I need to do to set this up?
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