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  1. You can try using the List view and set it to display only the events for the current day. Also, with recurring events, you could make the opening night and closing night featured events and have separate categories for "opening" and "closing". That would allow you to set up other spuds just for openings and closings.
  2. I just want to be able to post to my wall and include my permalink that will also allow me to include an image and the event text. Currently, a posted hyperlink includes no event text, rather the following displays: Adding an item as a FB event is hardly better. Not only is insufficient detail/image included with the event posting, but I'm required to take a second step to post it to my wall when all I want is to post the Trumba event to my wall (i.e., I'm not interested in creating a FB event).
  3. The FB share option is kinda cool, except not all customized fields are populated in the event that is created. And, actually, I'm less interested in creating a "Facebook event" and more interested in posting the "Trumba event" information to my wall. Currently, when I post the event permalink to my wall, it's pretty bland because the event image isn't included. Is it possible to change that?
  4. I've come across a number of sites that allow users to post comments relating to events. I want that feature, too!
  5. Is it possible to get an option in the event submission form that will allow option to have image "float" left or right? Currently, the image is inserted as a new column, which causes poor text formatting. What I'm looking for is text wrapping in the event detail view. So, currently, we have an option to position the event detail image to the center, left or right, but we do not have the option to wrap the text around the image in the event detail view. Rather, the image appears in a separate column, frequently leading to awkward paragraph formatting. I had the same issue with including the map in the event detail, which is why I no longer include it.
  6. I've got a ton of stored images and would love to delete some of them. It would be real helpful if a field for the date of last use was included on the manage image page so that I'd know which images are appropriate to delete. To expedite the process of deleting images, it would also be helpful to be able to sort images by name, date and size and to be able to select multiple items for deletion. Alternatively, maybe Trumba could automatically delete any images that haven't been used for a year. Any plans for something like this?
  7. In my Constant Contact newsletters, I'd like to include links to event detail pages for specific events, rather than a general link to the page on which my calendar is embedded. Is there a way to accomplish this?
  8. I spent hours last night formatting my Constant Contact email to send to my distribution list. I can't imagine that I'm reinventing the wheel with this, but I first have to copy the events that I want to circulate, paste them into word; replace each "..." (which isn't recognized by Constant Contact) with a "[more]" link that takes readers to my website; replace each headline hyperlink (which is a javascript link that will not work in CC); paste the reformatted list into CC (at which point the formatting may or may not hold, but the photos definitely disappear); then I have to move between my website and CC, dragging photos from my site to CC. Can someone please tell me a better way?
  9. Several of us have asked for a feature allowing us to preview the appearance of events that we've entered into the event form prior to saving them. This is similar to the feature included with the e-mail form that allows us to view and refresh the view of e-mails that we've drafted. I now see that when someone uses the event submission form, they're able to click a "next" button and preview their submission before submitting it to the calendar holder. It seems like it should be a small leap from the event submission form feature to a similar feature for Trumba Accounts. Is that feature on the way? How about a spell checker?
  10. Most internet users habitually use the "back" button to return to a previous screen. Even though I have been using Trumba for several years, I still occassionally press "back" instead of the link for "Back to [your website]". Is there a way I can set up the event links so that when you click on the headline, it opens in a new window? This way, the event listing page remains as a "placeholder" and the user can simply close the event detail window and continue browsing the other listings.
  11. Can the event image or detail image be included in the Forward to Friends email?
  12. I used to have a separate calendar for events that occur on an ongoing basis to keep my "new" events calendar from being clogged up with events that repeat every day. I found that people were overlooking the ongoing calendar, so I decided to mix it in with my new calendar. However, I would like people to be able to clear ongoing events with one click, rather than having to deselect every category that is mixed into the ongoing calendar. Currently, I have the ongoing calendar set as a top level calendar, but I've also tried doing it as a sub calendar - nothing seems to work.
  13. My field labels are not appearing properly in my List calendar view. The label "Soleil's Take" is split into two lines and looks confusing when viewed next to the text in that field. I need to either format the field label (e.g., bold font) so that it is distinguished from the field content or I need to know how to prevent the field label from breaking into a second line.
  14. I would like to be able to embed my calendar on multiple websites.The FAQ "Can I publish the same spud on multiple web pages with different settings or styles?" seems to permit this, but I'm also interested in controls so that I can discontinue publishing on other sites at my option (without the website owner still having access to my spud).
  15. 1. How do I add branding to my calendar e-mails? 2. How do I set up an email banner? 3. My calendar is published in compact view, but the email contains expanded info - more than I want to include. How do I change that? 4. I'm trying to set up my calendar emails to display a week of events (from mail date through next 6 days). Even though I selected "the next week's events", it shows events from March 31 - April 1st. Then it goes on to list upcoming events through April 8 - even though I didn't ask for that. How do I limit the displayed events?
  16. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when events that are included in my calendar Emails are linked to the Trumba hosted site rather than to my website. Obviously, I want traffic directed to my website rather than Trumba. What am I doing wrong?
  17. Is there a way that I can set up all of my calendars to have the same color scheme - other than going into each one and manually changing it?
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