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  1. I have a calendar and filter spud on my page. Currently, it only lists 2 categories when there are 3. The items included in the filter spud are from all 3 categories, but when I select the third category, no events display on the calendar when there are events on my calendar in the past and future that match this filter value.
  2. I have a test page with a couple Trumba Promotion spuds. Using Chrome I can right click any of the images in the spud to inspect element and get the class name for the images, which is img.twPhotoScaled. I have added a style to my page: /*trumba thumbs*/ img.twPhotoScaled { -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 4px 5px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.5) !important; -moz-box-shadow: 0px 4px 5px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.5) !important; box-shadow: 0px 4px 5px 0px rgba(0,0,0,0.5) !important; } When I change the style in Chrome using the inspect element tool and doing it inline, it works fine. However, when I actually add the style to my file, it does not work. Is there something I can do to get this to work?
  3. Displaying information about an event on the event detail page is straight forward. All of the event fields that are on your event template get displayed when there is data for those fields. What if we do not want all of the fields to display on the event detail page? Example: You have a calendar which lists a bunch of events with a lot of info. So on the main calendar view, you have a List spud which shows a summary because you do not want to show all of the details. You also do not want to truncate the Description field on the main calendar view because it might not show all of the summary. What you want is to show the Summary field on the main calendar view, but show the Description field on the event detail page. You do not want to show both on the event detail page because it would be repetitive. Is there any plans to allow users to choose what fields to display on the detail page?
  4. There actually is a way to display only an image that has an embedded link to the event details screen. However, you can't rotate images. If you choose a "list" calendar spud and add featured levels for your events, you can choose "Image is Event Layout" as one of the featured level layouts. That will allow you to add all of your event details like you normally would, but will only display the image on the events calendar page. When you click the image, it will take you to the details screen. I have used this method in the past for displaying banners throughout my events calendar. Not sure if that will help you, but you could perhaps use this technique for your short term needs. all the best, Joe
  5. The permalink is not an option. I need something that is dynamic, not something I have to manually enter. What I need is the same as what is currently the norm for the promotion spud popup window i am attaching as an image. There is a "more info" link that is associated with each event. That link takes you to the detail view of that event. That is what I need to happen for my list view calendar. If there are more details than are not showing, I would like to be able to have a link that says: "more info" to take you to the event detail screen. It would be best if in the publishing control panel / calendar spuds / edit settings and styles for calendar views, that could be one of the field types you could choose from for each event type. A "more info" field, which would be a link to the event detail screen.
  6. Not sure if it is possible, but here we go. Each event title in a calendar is clickable and drills in to the event details for that event. Therefore, each event title passes the eventid. In my basic calendar: http://www.asingularcreation.com/list.htm I have events that are featured and events that are not. The ones that are not featured only display 200 characters from the notes field. So if the notes are more that 200 characters, what is displayed is the first 200, followed by "...", which implies that there is more. Is there any way I could add a link after the ... that would drill in to the detailed view by passing the eventid? thanks, Joe
  7. I see you have custom object support for $50 per month. I will contact Trumba Support to have this enabled on my account.
  8. I am thinking about moving my site to a CMS like Joomla. Is Trumba compatible with Joomla?
  9. I have a password protected calendar that I mix in events from other calendars. I use a promotion spud which contains the events from one of the mixed in calendars. I set the teaserBase of that spud to be the page of my password protected calendar, because I do not want people to get access to the full event details unless they sign up. That all works fine. However, I would like to remove the "ADD TO CALENDAR" link on the bottom of the popup spud so that they can not just add all the events to their calendar. Is that possible?
  10. Once you receive an email notification that someone has submitted an event to your "main calendar_submitted", open the event in Trumba and locate the Owning calendar section. Change the owning calendar from "Submitted" to your published calendar and then click OK. Here is a help topic on the Event Submission Process
  11. Are there any plans to have a calendar registration feature, similar to the event registration? Expand the password protected calendar by requiring registration and/or payment prior to receiving the password.
  12. When you scroll down a page to fill out all of the fields in a Trumba submission form and select Next, you are sent to the approval screen, where you have the option to submit or go back. The problem is that if the form is long, you will not be able to see the submit button or any of the text on that screen. Could you fix that so when someone hits the next button, the anchor is the top of the form on the next page, similar to when you click an event on a calendar spud and go to the detail page? You always go to the top, the event title.
  13. Currently when you use a Summary field on the main calendar view, it also includes that in the detail view, along with the Description field. This info will be repetitive in most cases. Is there a way to have the Summary custom field on the main calendar view, but excluded from the event detail view? Then after the summary, have a link to the detail view that says: "read more."
  14. When visitors submit an event using the online event submission form, they receive a confirmation email. How do we edit the content that gets displayed within that email?
  15. I am going to be incorporating a new password protected version of my calendar to my site soon, but have a question. Does the password protected calendar have any options to request a valid email address to sign up for the calendar? Can I tie in a submit form which has full name and email address? Once they submit, an automated email would be sent to their email address with the calendar password?
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