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  1. I have set up a form on my web site to collect the data to import. The field names I use on my form is different than those in Trumba since the purpose is not totally analogous. Currently I need to remap each field each time I import a file. This is quite a nuisance to do this each time. I would like to suggest that once the fields of the import file is matched with Trumba's fields, we would have the opportunity to save this match and then to load it up the next time.
  2. I have at least one email address I know is valid. In fact, I have tested it on two email testers to verify that the address is correct. However, when the scheduled emails are sent, I notice that the email address has been flagged as "an address to which we’ve been unable to send email one or more times." Would you know why this happens? Could it be that the network/firewall at is stopping the delivery?
  3. I noticed that there are fields for Submitter name, phone and email address on the event submission form; however, I don't see these fields available to be placed on the calendar with the event when the event is displayed. Actually, it would be great to have these fields available, particularly since there is no Contact or Ticket Email Address.
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