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  1. Ha- that did it. Awesome - so easy. I feel kinda dumb now but oh well - its not the first time. Basically, php (or asp, jsp) can dynamically grab different elements for a website and throw them altogether. In my site for example, I have the HTML head and the titlebar in one php block and I have the body in another php block and the footer is in yet another block. Each one of the pages you see on a dynamic site is really a mashup of these blocks. When all the blocks come together, they make a functional webpage. In the example we were working with, that piece of code I showed you was
  2. I need to adjust the sizes of the these spuds so that they fit into the existing structure of my website - is this possible? I use CSS-based design on my website and every other element I use on my website conforms to the structure I have created. My site is written in PHP but its not all that complicated really - all the PHP does is it dynamically 'grabs' a set width header (which includes the left column of our page) sticks the main page in the middle and closes the page with a set width right column and footer. The code looks like this: <?php //included code for page hea
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