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  1. I think we're talking of the same thing: to have a MASTER calendar that is the result of MIX-IN with other calendars. Now, what YOU suggest is that I create those sub-calendars and share them with others with edit rights. What I suggest is that OTHERS create their calendars and share them with me with "read-only" rights. Do you follow me? I may be tempted, as the person responsible for the master calendar, to require rights to those shared calendars that belongs to others and that I want to mix-in, but WHY could I not MIX-IN FOR PUBLISH purpose a shared calendar with "read-only" righ
  2. This idea of attaching meaningful colors to different calendars is great and gives a lot of flexibility. My calendar is so colorful and I would like to print it in color.
  3. Why is it not possible for me to mix-in (for publish) a shared calendar with "read only" rights? I want to mix-in (for publish on the web) calendars done by others, with a calendar I created (NOT with the primary calendar). It looks like those shared calendars have to be shared with full rights. The idea here is to integrate calendars done by others into ONE SINGLE calendar, leaving the right for modifications to those other people. Right now, it seems like one must have full rights on those shared calendars to publish them. OK: that one person must be careful in doing NO modificatio
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