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  1. One of my top-level calendars is missing. Do you have a back-up solution? How about a trash-bin approach where items expire after decomposing there for a few days, while others on the top can be fished out (in the case of a mistake).
  2. For an event with no start/end time, the email shows that it both starts and ends at the specified time. This may be confusing to some. I'd change it to delete the "end" time.
  3. I cannot find how editor accounts work. If I have editor accounts can I limit them to specific calendars?
  4. Can the form auto-update with a drop-down list for all my calendars? For example, if I add a new calendar in Trumba, will it show-up in the form?
  5. Just like the templates for published calendars, are there templates for emailed calendar events? In other words, can I format how my emails look?
  6. Anyone know how to display the xCAL data in an RSS feed? I tried XSLT for RSS, but it does not understand the xCAL terms. Basically, I'm looking for a custom stylesheet that can display the xCAL data.
  7. It sure would be nice to have a Rich Text Editor built into the Forms we use to add calendar events. My non-techie users hate using the HTML tags (i.e. <b>, <i>, etc). It could be as simple as the one you offer here in the forum. Maybe put it at the top of the form so it could be used in any text field.
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