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  1. I am researching the use of Trumba to display our University's athletic schedule/scores table. I believe we've found that it will work pretty well. One remaining issue is whether or not we can set an embedded calendar to display a certain date range, and only a certain date range. Athletics seasons span months (and years) and aren't always contained nicely in one month increments. I know there is a date= URL parameter that can be used to set a start date. Is there such a parameter to set an end date? I'm particularly interested in doing this for a Classic Table calendar view. Additio
  2. Is there any way to link to a specific mixed-in calendar of an embedded calendar? I have an embedded calendar with several mixed-in calendars. From a promotional spud on another page for one of the mixed-in calendars, I can link back to the embedded calendar to show the event detail. However, whether through the promotional spud's built in footer or my own machinations, I can't seem to get a link back to the embedded calendar showing just the one mixed-in calendar. I've read about URL parameters and I know that you can create such a link for a hosted calendar or use code in the page
  3. Does Trumba have a field type that allows HTML? What I'm wanting to do is add several fields to a Sports event type that would allow us to link to game recaps and to audio and video of a game. I realize there is the Web Link field type. That's close, but I don't want to show the actual link since some of those links are quite long. For instance, I'd prefer to display the score and have it link to the recap.. Oh, and by the way, while just being able to put HTML in a field and have it render would be nice, it'd be even nicer if it was WYSIWYG or some easier way for the average user to ju
  4. I'm interested in using the Upcoming Date Table promotion spud. However, the date format (m/d/yyyy) doesn't match the date format (mm.dd.yyyy) we're using for news articles just above where we want to place the spud.
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