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Found 4 results

  1. Is it possible to do a bulk registration by importing a CSV file with registration details for an event?
  2. This may be useful for your Trumba users if you decide events on that specific calendar will not use event registration or you just want to simplify the Event Edit screen by removing the Event Registration tab. To locate this setting, select a calendar from within the Publisher account and click Calendar Settings. Locate the Enabled Features section and by default Allow event registration is set to Yes. To hide the Event Registration tab, set this to No and then click OK. When this setting is set to "No" on a calendar, the “Event Registration” tab is removed from the event information page for events owned by that calendar. The Event Registration link is also removed from the popup menu within Trumba for events owned by that calendar. This popup appears when you click on a blue drop down arrow within Trumba in front of the event title/date/time. If the event registration tab is disabled on an existing calendar with existing events using event registration, existing events will not be impacted. Attendees can still register and the editor can still view registration details for the existing event but cannot enable registration on new events that are added to that calendar.
  3. I'm setting up a custom event registration form and it seem like the questions "Name" and "Email Address" are automatically part of the registration form....is that correct? I'm asking because I do not want my registered attendees to provide an email address, but it doesn't seem like that possible. Am I doing something wrong in that I can't get rid of the email address field...or the "name" field for that matter?
  4. I work with a volunteer organization of 25 individuals. We have weekly recurring meetings and would like to better track who will show up on any given night. Many folks travel a long distance so it's important that we know ahead of time if the meeting should be cancelled due to poor attendance. The "Event Registration" feature is great but doesn't support this process very well on a repeating event. (i.e. When event and registration are created for a repeating event, the individual must accept the invite for all or none of the meetings) Most of us don't know if we can make a meeting 3 months from now, so accepting "All" defeats the purpose of the event registration. The only other option is to set a meeting invite up for each weekly meeting and I don't have that kind of time to manage this process each week. (It's easier to just call people) I'm hoping there's a way to automate this process and I'm looking for suggestions. What I'd like to do is: 1. Create a weekly repeating event for our meeting 2. Invite the individual attendees via the "Distribution List" 3. Determine how many days in advance the Event Registration should be sent out (i.e. 4 days before) 4. Have Trumba automatically send out a weekly recurring invite (i.e. 4 days before) for each individual weekly meeting 5. Allow each member the ability to register for each weekly meeting (i.e. 4 days before) 6. Have a reminder sent out 1 day before (or any other amount)
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