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Found 6 results

  1. During the registration process, it is possible that a registrant may incorrectly type in their email address. When this happens, the registrant will not have the ability to receive a registration confirmation email, reminder emails, or cancellation notifications. That registrant will also need to register again for the event to receive the email notifications. The Trumba account holder who can view the registration list cannot change or edit that email address and will only be able to cancel that registrants registration. To draw more attention to the importance of entering a correct email address during the registration process, the Trumba Publisher can enable a setting on the registration form to require a registrant to enter in their email address a second time to verify it is correct. This setting can be found under Define Registration Forms and when you edit a registration form, you will see the setting here that you can set to Yes.
  2. With the "Automatically invite from wait list when space is available" option, you automatically invite (and reserve spaces for) people on the wait list when one or more spaces opens up. By adding a response timeout, you continue to invite the next person who joined the waitlist (automatically) if the previous invitee doesn't respond within a time limit that you set. With response timeout, it's first come, first serve amongst all the people invited, which makes this a great option to use to help fill the available spaces for your events. For more information, go to Manage the wait list.
  3. Conditional registration questions lets you conditionally show a registration question based on the value of another question. This is useful when there are questions that only need to be answered if a prior question was answered a particular way.
  4. When you set up an event with registration, you will notice both Standard Invitation and Basic Form by default. When you use the Standard Invitation, use caution when selecting this form as this form DOES NOT send out an event registration confirmation email to the registrant. The Standard Invitation is used by some users when they do not want a registration confirmation email to be sent to the person after they register for the event. This is by design for that specific registration form. You can either use the Basic Form, which requires the attendee Name and Email Address, or if you have a Trumba Publisher account, you can create custom registration forms and custom registration questions. Editor accounts are not allowed to create registration questions or forms. NOTE: As of July 1, 2020, with the release of the new Trumba user interface, T2, the Standard Invitation will no longer be available. A publisher account can still create a custom registration form similar to that of the Standard Invitation and when an event is created with event registration, the event creator can uncheck the option to send a registration confirmation email to the registrant. MORE INFORMATION: Custom registration forms.
  5. When an event reaches its registration limit, is there a way for it to be automatically hidden or marked as full/closed?
  6. We have a lot of recurring meetings, that I want to set up once a year. I am scheduling a repeating event, (ie a monthly meeting) and I want to use the Attendees tab to invite and track responses on who will be attending. I want to set this up one time and have the invite go out 1 week before the meeting, I want this to occur every time there is a monthly meeting. I'd like to also have the option to send a reminder as well. Currently the reminder would only be sent to the admin. I realize you can do some of this via individual calendars but I need to do this via individual event. Thanks!! Awesome product!
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