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How to hide the check boxes next to events

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Hello, I'm new to Trumba and have been very pleased so far with the good instructions, ease of use and the great help I've read on this message board so far.

When I publish my calendar and view it on my web page, there are check boxes next to each event. I don't want those check boxes to appear there. Is there any way I can disable that particular thing? I realize users will still be able to click on the event title (although for this particular calendar they don't need to) and I can't really disable that, but I need to get rid of that check box. For this calendar, all they need to do is see the information for each day (which is "booked" or "available," basically).

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Regarding your publishing question, one of the premises of a Trumba calendar is that we offer a way for people to select events and take some type of action on them. In keeping with this premise, at this time, there isn't a way to turn off selecting events. You can edit the settings for each of your calendars by going to Publish Settings>Calendar Spuds tab and then click Edit Settings & Styles for each of your calendar views. Locate the EVENT ACTION section and for Event Action Display, set this from Multiple to None and click OK to save.

Select "Multiple" to allow a calendar visitor to work with several events at a time. Select "Single" to limit the visitor to one event at a time. Select "None" to remove the event action from the event display.

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