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Explanation on Parent and Child (sub-calendars)

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I am a little confused about the use of sub-calendars. What's the difference between simply creating a new calendar and having a sub-calendar? What are most people doing regarding have a master calendar and then adding sub-calendars? Are they making them sub-calendars or new calendars? I hope this doesn't seem like a silly question. I love Trumba and want to get the most out of it! Thanks!

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There are some situations such as this example, where having sub-calendars can help with visually organizing events as you work on event in Trumba. Also, if you have multiple Trumba editor accounts, by having sub-calendars (for departments, instructors, etc) you can share one or more calendar with each editor so they can only edit and manage content on the calendar you share with that editor.


MORE INFORMATION ON CALENDARS: https://www.trumba.com/help/toc_calendarshome.aspx

MORE INFORMATION ON USING SUB-CALENDARS: https://www.trumba.com/help/subcals.aspx

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