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Event emails (Registration, Announcements, 1st and 2nd Reminders)


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Announcement email, includes the Announcement, 1st Reminder and 2nd Reminder is intended to be used if you have set up an event and you would like to send the event information to a group of people on a distribution list to promote an event. For events that do not have event registration, use Announcements to send out an initial announcement to your distribution list and up to two reminders:



If visitors have already registered for an event and you have created a custom registration form, you have the option of making sure people who register receive an email confirmation about their registration. In addition, on the Registration tab, you have the option of having the system send a 1st and 2nd reminder to only confirmed registrants:


When a visitor registers for the event, they are also presented with the option of having an email reminder sent to them "x" days before the event starts. 

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