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My Trumba calendar is indexed by Google

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Guest bk9898

 My calendar is viewable online if you simply Google my last name or any name in my calendar! This morning I had an embarrassing experience when my client Googled a contractor we were about to hire. The 4th item returned from Google was my family calendar that showed I had a conference call scheduled with this contractor - amongst all other personal family entries. I can't find anywhere in my account settings to make my calendar private and not viewable by the entire world.

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Hit the publish button for your calendar, and select the Publish Settings tab and then select Edit Publish Settings. Under the SEARCH section, change this from Yes to No and click OK. This will prevent search engines from indexing your calendar page of events.

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To clarify the privacy issue, which is a very important one, the only ways your calendar can be viewable to the world online are:

  • You publish it as searchable and without password protection.
  • You share it with editing or republishing permission, and the sharee publishes it.

Here's some more info about the calendar access settings: Control search options for your published calendar.

The calendar stays indexed until Google and other search engines index our site again. Although it seems that Google in particular indexes relatively frequently, ultimately we have no control over when any of the search engines index the site. It could be a couple of weeks for one or a couple of months for another. However, if your calendar is password protected, anyone who gets search results will still have to know your password to see the actual calendar. And if you unpublish it, any search results returned will lead people to a "Page not found" page. So even right after you do one of these things, most details about your calendar will no longer be available online.

Please contact Trumba Support as well as we should be able to request any page that may have been indexed by Google to be removed.

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