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Some events from mixed in calendars not showing up

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I've noticed after adding an event that some of our recurring events on mixed in calendars aren't showing up. I checked the calendar settings in the admin, and they definitely are mixed in. When you hover over any Tuesday or Saturday, for example, on the datefinder spud you can see these extra events, but they're not showing up on the main calendar. Mondays and Sundays are also affected, but for some reason Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays seem fine.

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There is one setting that will control whether or not recurring events continue to display on your calendar and that is the setting titled "Include events that started in the past.". If you go to Publish>Calendar Spuds tab, you will want to click Edit Settings & Styles for your calendar views and ensure this option is checked. I did notice that this option was not checked for the 3 Column calendar view on your account and went ahead and enabled that for you. If you are still not seeing these events and this option is enabled, please send me the event date and title and I can research this further for you.

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