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  1. We're having a series of events around the USA this summer. We've got the events described in a Trumba calendar, and use the Trumba information in various ways throughout our Web site. Now, we've come up with the idea that we'd like to provide a map interface to the summer series of events. In other words, visitors to our site would see a map of the US with the location of each event "pinned." Using Google Maps APIs, we can embed a Google map in our Web page, have the location of each event appear as a "pin" on the map, and then have the event description appear when someone clicks on the
  2. I would like to publish a Trumba calendar to my organization's Intranet. My idea is that this internal calendar would have events from our public (Internet) events calendar, as well as additional internal-only events. I know I can use secure URLs and mix-ins to accomplish this (mixing events from public calendars into the Intranet calendars I will also create). But, I'm wondering if it's possible to have certain event fields attached to public events that don't display on public calendars, but that I could display on my Intranet calendars? For example, it would be great to have
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