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  1. New Old programmer here... that needs some advice from the "young bucks" whom know how this new technology works 😉 (He says casually as he pushes away his Fortran & PL/1 manuals.....) I am creating my first implementation of Trumba calendars and all is going very well. The site I am doing is in Joomla with calendars featured at the local, state, and country level. Anyone whom visits the site and joins for $15.00 / yr can create a calendar entry. I've successfully added a "featured event" list and they can pick to spotlight it at the Local level (extra $20) A locals in a state ($30) or site wide for $40. What I'm getting stuck on is how I can add a button to the event submission that would require them to pay for it using Paypal. Any help from the experts would be greatly appreciated.
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