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  1. I imported an Address Book (not sure what account I started it in) that shows when logged in to the Primary Account. It also shows (I think it is the same Address Book) when I log into one of the sub-subscription accounts sharing the primary account. However, many other sub-subscriptions do not see that address book. Is there some way to share the common address book?
  2. Appreciate the simplified steps ... we'll let you know. And, actually, it is not rocket science we are protecting ... an unsecure password passed in the URL really would be adequate. The alternative we were about to implement (and be satisfied with) was to make a simple passworded calendar and have users manually enter it each time. By passing the password in the URL, it is slightly more secure in that we do not need to document what it is anywhere and could make it quite extensive.
  3. We are attempting to work with the "Publish Secure Calendars" ... some advanced coding ... not made much progress (and not spent much time trying). BUT, would still prefer a more simple link that could embed a simple password to a published calendar. Seems that if the password could be passed in an RSS feed URL, the URL for any calendar/spud could also provide a password.
  4. Setting up one account with ~ dozen (paid) subscribers. As account owner it appears that any/all subscribers top-level calendars they may create will be available to me to view/edit/etc ... true? Or will those top-level subscriber calendars only be accessible with that subscriber's login? If they are uniquely login protected, I presume the subscriber could still add events from that calendar to the main top-level calendar (it would be "shared"). As owner of the master Top-Level shared calendar, can I create other top-level calendars that are only accessible by me?
  5. Thanks for the frank (and on target) assessment and feedback. Because of the secure server environment, yes, I think we would need a product that would be hosted on that server. From what I have seen, this would be a great product to choose to do that. As for multiple concurrent users accessing for editing, we could control that (I think) with the links at our end ... but the open communications ... I'm sure it could be technically worked out, but due to certain proprietary, etc. restrictions on our end, we would never get over that hurdle. I would be very interesting in the new product (self hosting ... leasing?). Unfortunately, my timeframe for getting "something" up and running is only a few weeks (4 at most). I suspect that is too tight to expect you to be able to support. I am also looking a just providing a link to the published calendar (published on your site / password protected) from our server. This is very workable. But, my thinking is to have the edit capability as if a single user ... all couple hundred potential users would have the same (single) log in info for editing. (1) Is this allowed by your T&Cs? (save me the time of studying) (2) I assume if a second logon was attempted while the first login was still editing, an error or "view-only" prompt would occur (?) But let me know if/when that option is available. Thanks again Dan
  6. My setup is a dedicated secure server which a few hundred users access for records management. We need a collaborative calendar that can be edited by any user (or securities set internally for access to the link). Would embedding allow full function edit capability? Would the "publishing" that is required to embed require your server to have unrestricted access to our server? Assuming there are limitations, is there a Trumba lease product for hosting on remote servers?
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