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  1. It is! As far as I know the Event Submission Form add-on is available. Contact Trumba Sales or Support and they activate it for your account for you. I have it set up on my site. It works great!
  2. Be sure to update the Datefinder code you have embedded and ensure the URL for the teaserBase is the URL for your main calendar on your webpage. You probably have the teaserBase URL pointing to https://www.trumba.com/calendars/<webname>. More on this: https://www.trumba.com/help/publish/spudfaq.aspx#tbase
  3. Currently I have a very rudimentary "event calendar" on my website that I designed myself. I allow registered users of the website to submit events to the calendar if they wish... But I still want to be an "administrator" or "calendar owner" and be able to moderate user-submitted events to the calendar. Is this possible with a Trumba calendar? I want a much more intuitive interface for a calendar on my site than the current one I have designed. I really need to have people be able to add recurring events easily as well. like, "Every Monday and Tuesday in August". We have a very high website traffic level and this functionality would be a good replacement.
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