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  1. This is not exactly a pre-purchase question since we've already bought Trumba , but it has to do with how Trumba integrates into our operation, so perhaps you'll all indulge me. Trumba is great at what it does. (People on our campus who have viewed our soon-to-be-rolled-out prototypes have been very impressed.) But it doesn't do everything for us, scheduling wise. We have a further need to do things like Book rooms for people--What rooms are available? Which have already been scheduled? Is the room I want big enough for the number of people attending? keep track of what events require a flip chart, a slide projector, a coffee service, etc. (and notify/remind the appropriate people that it needs to be taken care of) Generate an invoice if appropriate Or at least if Trumba does these things I can't immediately see how to implement them. And I don't necessarily expect it to--in looking at a large number of calendaring products, it seems that most of them concentrate on the "back office" booking and event coordination process, or on the public display of information. (In fact, we have an existing product from the first category, which I'd like to replace for various reasons, and we went with Trumba in response to that product's extreme weaknesses in the second category.) So my question is, what products are other people using to address these functions? Preferably it would be something that would allow an easy exchange of information with Trumba. (Right now we have a Crystal Reports report that queries the existing product for appropriate events, and the results are imported into Trumba. As you can imagine, it works, but it's definitely not as easy as it ought to be and it's certainly not problem-free.)
  2. If I have two calendars that mix in to one main calendar. Is there a way to have a Promotion spud only display events from only one of the calendars?
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