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Display "End Time" on calendar views

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I often have events that are 2, 3, or 4 hours. It would help me manage the calendar if the duration or end time were shown on the main calendar display, or at minimum an alternative display mode that would show start and end times.

I would like to share one of my calendars with someone who will be modifying it. In order to see when I am busy, they need to know the duration of each event as well. I know that you can click into an event to see this but that is very labor intensive over a month with many events.

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Whether or not you see an end time in the main calendar display depends upon what view you're using.

In Week view, you see the beginning and end times on all the events on your calendar.

In Day or 3 Day view, you essentially see end times because event blocks extend to the end time.

In List view, where you see all of your events listed, the start and end times also appear on each event.

In Classic Table view, you can add End Time to the field list and then place this field after the Start Time field.

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