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I created an account but I can't sign in


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If you recently created a free trial account and find that you can't sign in, it may be because our Sales team is still reviewing your request for a free trial. We have also had some users who have mistyped their email address when they signed up for the free trial. 

For example, you might have typed: person@homtail.com
when you meant: person@hotmail.com

The result is an account created using a non-existent email address. That's a problem for a couple of reasons:

  • You can't sign in because Trumba Connect is looking for the mistyped email address and you type the correct one.
  • You can't receive Trumba related email messages (such as a message telling you your email address has been verified, calendar email messages, and event reminders).

If you think this might apply to you, please send an email message to sales@corp.trumba.com asking us to check if an account exists under your correct email address.

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